How It Works

How it works

1. Schedule your free online visit.

2. Let’s do a free assessment that includes labs ( insurance paid or low cost lab option available )

3. Follow up via telehealth or in person in one of our offices to discuss your treatment options.

4. Enroll in our medical membership program for $ 99/ month which includes medical monitoring of your hormone treatment via virtual visits and unlimited access to patient portal messaging. It does not include labs. Labs can be paid for by your insurance or a low cost lab option that we have available. Initially we have to monitor your labs closely but then less often as you get established with your treatment.

5. We prescribe hormones that are either covered by your insurance or you can use goodrx at any local pharmacy. Testosterone injections for men for example cost between $5 and $10 per month if prescribed through goodrx. We also use compounding pharmacies when indicated and preferred.

6. If you choose our pellet option there is no medical membership necessary. We will see you in the office every 3 to 4 months to perform your procedure and have in between virtual visits to see how you are doing. Each pellet insertion procedure costs $ 700 for men ( Testosterone pellets ) and $ 550 for women ( Testosterone and/or Estrogen pellets ) every 3 to 4 months..

7. Cancel at any time.

What does a typical regimen look like for women?

Women without a uterus: Estrogen patch, cream or pellets.

Women with a uterus: Estrogen patch, cream or pellets together with bio- identical Progesterone ( Prometrium ). In women with a uterus bioidentical Progesterone is necessary to protect the uterus from uterine cancer. Progesterone creams have not consistently shown to protect the uterus and that’s why we are using bio-identical oral Progesterone.

Women with low Testosterone: Testosterone cream or Testosterone pellets

What does a typical regimen look like for men?

Men with symptoms of low T and low T levels have the option of either using a Testosterone gel, injection or Testosterone pellets.

For men who are concerned about their sperm count and want to preserve their fertility we can start with oral Clomid to increase the body’s own Testosterone production.

Sometimes this does not work and then Testosterone replacement is the only option.

We might add HCG injections to counteract some of the side effects of Testosterone replacement like testicular shrinkage and/or decrease in sperm count.

Oral Anastrazole might be added if too much of the Testosterone is converted into Estrogen.

Everybody is different and we have the knowledge and flexibility to individualize your hormonal treatment to achieve optimal wellness.