Frequently Asked Questions

Does Dr. Hormone MD take insurance?

Dr. Hormone MD is a wellness practice and does not participate with insurance companies and office visits are not covered. However labs are covered under your insurance and medications are either covered by your insurance or you can get them at your local pharmacy through goodrx. Hormone treatment might cost you as little as $ 5 to $ 10 per month. Dr. Hormone MD charges a medical membership fee of $ 99/ month to have your hormone level optimized and monitored. This includes visits as well as unlimited access through our patient portal.

How does Dr. Hormone MD decide which form of hormones are best for me?

In order to reach your goal of optimal hormonal balance, Dr. Hormone MD individualizes treatment plans. Your symptoms, labs as well as personal preference determine the choice of hormones that are best for you.

Prescriptions and/or procedures might include:







pills (Clomid for men, Progesterone for women)

What is the process to become a patient with Dr. Hormone MD?

Schedule your free complimentary visit online, talk with one of our providers, and explore symptoms and treatment options. During your first and free visit, we will order labs that can be billed under your insurance. You let us know which lab you prefer. We will then schedule a follow-up visit to discuss your results and determine which hormone optimization program is best for you. You will have regular follow-up visits and lab tests to guarantee your hormones stay within the optimal range.

Who are the providers at Dr. Hormone MD?

Dr. Hormone MD was founded by a psychiatrist who recognized the importance of hormonal well-being for optimal physical, mental and brain health as our bodies age.

Dr. Hormone MD’s providers are board-certified physicians specializing in hormone optimization and anti-aging.

Is it worthwhile to participate in a hormone optimization program?

The benefits to live with an optimal hormonal balance are many and patients who choose to make this a priority in their lives have many benefits that go beyond wellness and improved health. Optimal hormonal balance decreases many age-related illnesses, improves your immune system, and makes you feel and look younger. Preserved and improved muscle mass as well as mental clarity gives you the energy, stamina, and vision to pursue the goals you set for yourself and helps you lead an active lifestyle.